Coyotes Among Us

Secrets of the City's Top Predator
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From its depictions as the “trickster” in ancient fables to its portrayal as a threat to humans and their pets in modern news sources, coyotes are rarely shown in a favorable light. Now a new book, Coyotes Among Us, offers new perspective — with research conducted by Dr. Stanley D. Gehrt and our team.

Coyotes Among Us shares insights from the nation’s foremost expert on coyotes and their successful expansion into 49 U.S. states. With stunning images of coyotes within their surprising urban habitats, Coyotes Among Us pulls from decades of experience to dispel coyote myths, highlight the benefits of living with coyotes, and embrace the top urban predator as a brilliant survivor against all odds.

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About the Authors

Stanley D. Gehrt, Ph.D., is a professor of wildlife ecology at The Ohio State University and chair of the Center for Wildlife Research at the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation. His research program focuses on various aspects of mammalian ecology, especially urban systems; dynamics of wildlife disease; and human-carnivore conflicts. He is the principal investigator of one of the largest studies of coyotes to date: capturing and tracking more than 1,450 coyotes in the Chicago area for the past 22 years. His research has been featured in numerous print, radio, and television outlets, including PBS, ABC's Nightline, NBC Nightly News, National Geographic, and the History Channel. He lives in Columbus, Ohio.

Kerry Luft is executive vice president of the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation in Dundee, Illinois. He previously spent nearly three decades in journalism, mostly at the Chicago Tribune, where he specialized in national and foreign news. He has written or edited five other books, including Wings Over Water, the companion book to the award-winning IMAX 3D film of the same name.