Wild Things Conference


Saturday, February 18, 2017


Chicago, IL

Learn from a variety of professionals by attending this inspiring conference about all things nature. Senior Wildlife Biologist, Chris Anchor, will be presenting about coyote research.

For registration and details: http://www.wildthingscommunity.org/wild-things-conference-2017

Held at the UIC Forum in Chicago.

Former research associate Justin Brown, after just catching 434 for collaring

Coyote 434 is a good example of how human behaviors, such as feeding wildlife, can result in coyotes becoming a nuisance. 434 was captured on February 18, 2010, in a marsh surrounded by a subdivision and miles of urbanization. She was a young female, approximately 10 months old, and weighed 13.1 kg. Although this was the peak of the breeding season, she was not in breeding condition. A GPS collar was placed on coyote 434, which means that she was located by satellites on an intensive schedule (at times, this was every 10 minutes, other times every hour).