Comment on January Chicago coyote incident

We are working to gather more facts and assist with management actions
| January 10, 2020

Coyotes live all around us, this is a fact we know. They typically do their best to avoid humans but in a world of increasing demands for space, sometimes our paths can cross in ways we don't expect.

Unfortunately, there was a reported incident involving a coyote and small boy on January 8, 2020. At approximately 4 pm, it was reported that a coyote bit a 5-year-old boy in the Lincoln Park (Chicago) area.  

There are still some facts that need to be determined, but if this is the case, it will be the first confirmed coyote bite on a child in the Chicago area. We are working closely with authorities and agencies to gather more facts and assist with management actions. As often happens in these situations, it can take some time to obtain a relatively complete picture of what happened and develop appropriate actions to be taken, if any. 

Most importantly, once the facts are known, we need to determine why it happened so we can prevent situations like this in the future, as unusual as it may be. 

Discover tips on how to stay safe around coyotes by learning about these wildlife residents and why it is important that we share space with them.