Updates on Urban Coyote Research

  • WGN Radio
Sunday, June 5, 2016

WGN radio host Mike Stephen talks with Dr. Stan Gehrt in this podcast about updates to the coyote research program. Tune in to hear more about the long-term goals of this study.

Actual time slot of podcast is minute 7.34 - 16.07

Urban Coyote Research Program Response

In his interview, Dr. Gehrt mentions some new research and other details about coyote conflicts. You can find some of that information in the links below.

736 getting outfitted

Coyote 736 was a healthy, young male that was trapped and collared on the southwest side of Chicago on June 2, 2013. His tail had a unique deformity — short, with a twist that resembled a pug's tail, so beginning his nickname of "Pug" (although we don't normally name coyotes, sometimes nicknames help our researchers communicate with the media when referring to animals). We were very excited to learn from this animal given his location. Pug traversed some of the most urban, rugged streets of Chicago and didn't seem to draw attention anywhere.