Updates on Urban Coyote Research

  • WGN Radio
Sunday, June 5, 2016

WGN radio host Mike Stephen talks with Dr. Stan Gehrt in this podcast about updates to the coyote research program. Tune in to hear more about the long-term goals of this study.

Actual time slot of podcast is minute 7.34 - 16.07

Urban Coyote Research Program Response

In his interview, Dr. Gehrt mentions some new research and other details about coyote conflicts. You can find some of that information in the links below.

Former research associate Justin Brown, after just catching 434 for collaring

Coyote 434 is a good example of how human behaviors, such as feeding wildlife, can result in coyotes becoming a nuisance. 434 was captured on February 18, 2010, in a marsh surrounded by a subdivision and miles of urbanization. She was a young female, approximately 10 months old, and weighed 13.1 kg. Although this was the peak of the breeding season, she was not in breeding condition. A GPS collar was placed on coyote 434, which means that she was located by satellites on an intensive schedule (at times, this was every 10 minutes, other times every hour).