Katie Robertson

PhD, The Ohio State University
Photo of Katie Robertson

Katie Robertson earned a BS degree in Zoology with a minor in Biotechnology from North Carolina State University in 2012. As an undergraduate, she participated in a variety of wildlife research projects that prepared her for her PhD work with The Ohio State University School of Environment and Natural Resources Department.

Katie's research focuses on urban coyote ecology within the Chicago metropolitan area. More specifically, she is examining relationships between coyote habitats, behavior, and stress hormones to place coyotes along a bold-shy “personality” spectrum. Behavioral research currently being conducted as part of her study includes flight initiation distance tests and novel object tests. The data collected will later be compared to the overall successes of coyotes in urban, suburban, and forest preserve settings to determine whether some behavioral/physiological adaptations are more beneficial to coyotes within certain habitats. She completed her PhD in 2017.