Mange and exposure

Brutal cold can take a heavy toll on sarcoptic mange-infected coyotes
| January 2, 2018
Coyote scratching mange during winter

Coyote 571 scratching mange during winter.

The brutally cold temperatures we are currently experiencing are not normally a problem for healthy coyotes, at least for short periods, but can be devastating for those battling illness. Most of the coyotes in the area are quite healthy, but a small number are infected with sarcoptic mange, which makes them particularly vulnerable during the winter.  Usually, the parasite itself does not directly kill the coyote but predisposes it to exposure because the animal loses its coat from incessant scratching. 

On cue, last week the techs recovered five of our collared coyotes, all apparently dead from exposure, but the real culprit was mange.  Five in one week is notable, but all infected with mange. And the record-cold temperatures are predicted to continue for another week… 

Note that there is little risk of mange spreading to healthy pets.