Meet the Coywolf

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Follow researchers as they document the original coyote in Chicago. The story of the mysterious coywolf, a mixture of western coyote and eastern wolf.


An overview of the (often disputed term) "coywolf," a portion of this show covers coyotes in Chicago, IL. It was filmed by Susan Fleming of the CBC and aired in the United States on PBS Nature. Although the premise of the show is misleading (we do not have evidence to show that eastern coyotes - referred to here as coywolves - are in Chicago), the footage of our study animals and the interviews conducted capture some great moments.

For an intriguing commentary on the subject, research director Dr. Gehrt recommends this read. Research professor Roland Kays offers an in-depth look at usage of the coywolf label, a result of historic gene swapping rather than a new species.

Coyotes 115 and 571 are recorded in this show; please click on their stories to learn more.